Breastfeeding but still staying mobile

Breastfeeding has many advantages for the health of mother and child. The WHO and swiss paediatricians recommend to exclusively breastfeed for six months if possible. The mamamap app was designed to make breastfeeding on-the-go much easier for you.

Breastfeeding should be natural per se, but it is also a learning process for mother and child and neccessitates occasionally a quiet place and some privacy. Public breastfeeding places are ideal for that.

With mamamap you will rapidly and easily find a place for breastfeeding that is close to you.

Mobile version for smartphones

The accommodations in the breastfeeding places may vary from site to site. It can be a room or simply a quiet corner dedicated to breastfeeding. The thing all of them have in common is that breastfeeding mothers and their children will feel welcome there.

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About mamamap

The project mamamap was initiated by Alexandra Javor, midwife from Bern. It is an official and gratuitous application of the Swiss Foundation for the Promotion of Breastfeeding.

mamamap is available for everybody. We do our best to prevent incorrect information and abuse. Nevertheless, should you find discrepancies concerning a breastfeeding place we kindly ask you to inform us.

mamamap was made possible through the generous support of Migros Culture Percentage and the following sponsors: